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Nafion Membranes - Get them Quick! Spectracarb Gas Diffusion Layers Hydrophilic ELAT
Nafion Membranes - Get them Quick!
Order your Nafion membrane today and have it shipped out by tomorrow! From Nafion XL and 212 all the way to Nafion 115 and 117.
Spectracarb Gas Diffusion Layers
Spectracarb 2050 Gas Diffusion Layer (GDL) sheets are porous “graphitized” resin bonded carbon fiber papers and multi-ply panels specifically designed for use in PEM, DMFC and PAFC fuel cells, Electrolyzers, Humidifiers and other Electrochemical devices.
Hydrophilic ELAT
ELAT® hydrophilic plain-cloth gas diffusion layers are excellent for flow batteries. The excellent tensile and interlaminar shear strengths prevents fabric wrinkling. Hydrophilic ELAT is designed specifically for liquid type electrochemical reactors. The t


AvCarb P50