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The EOS50 is suitable for most mobile applications such as a PSP or laptop.  

This fuel cell system is highly integrated with a compact design.  It includes: a fuel cell stack, fans, an IC board and an electromagnetic valve. 

As with all of our fuel cells it is sold as a complete unit. It just needs a Hydrogen source (up to .85 L/min at maximum power output) and the compact, lightweight fuel cell system will deliver unregulated DC power at a nominal voltage of 19.2V and current up to 2.6A.

The EOS50 is covered by a 1 year/1500hr manufacturer warranty, with extended warranties available for some applications.

Typical lead time of three to four weeks is to be expected.

Rated Power 50 W
DC Voltage 19.2 V
NOM Voltage (Range) 16 - 30 V
Rated Current 2.6 A
Dimensions 155 x 70 x 68 mm
Mass 450 g
Hydrogen Consumption 0.85 L/min
Hydrogen Pressure Required 0.4 - 0.5 Bar
Hydrogen Purity ≥99.95%
Air Pressure Ambient
Operational Temperature -5 to 40 C
Operational Humidity 10% - 95% RH