Lynntech Spins-off Commercial Fuel Cell Components Division as FuelCellsEtc

FuelCellsEtc LogoFuelCellsEtc has acquired Lynntech’s Commercial Fuel Cell Components (CFCC) Division.  The entire product line formerly produced under Lynntech CFCC will now be manufactured and sold wholly by FuelsCellsEtc. 

FuelCellsEtc was originally part of one of the oldest and most recognized fuel cell R&D firms in the US, operating as Lynntech’s Commercial Fuel Cell Components Division.  As part of Lynntech, the CFCC division had been manufacturing and selling fuel cell components commercially for more than 15 years.  In August 2011, the operating management of the division negotiated an exclusive license with Lynntech to transition the division into an independent company, FuelCellsEtc.  FuelCellsEtc continues to maintain a close working relationship with Lynntech.

Daniel Westerheim, founder of FuelCellsEtc commented:  “FuelCellsEtc is an organization specifically structured to service a broad range of customers.  Lynntech is a prolific innovation company and we are excited to be able to merge the technologies and processes developed at Lynntech with the customers focus and customization required in the marketplace. Former, current, and future customers will see these results in terms of increased services, shortened lead times, and additional products.”

FuelCellsEtc’s current product line:

Membrane Electrode Assemblies (MEAs) – the “cell” of an electrochemical cell

  • Custom and Standard 5L and 3L (CCM)
  • Used world-wide for a variety of applications including hydrogen fuel cells, hydrogen generators (electrolyzers), reversible fuel cells, and direct methanol fuel cells (DMFC)
  • FuelCellsEtc MEAs have gained a reputation among customers as one of the highest performance and highest quality components available


Cell Voltage Monitoring Systems

  • Monitoring system suitable for Batteries or Fuel Cells
  • Small, low power
  • High performance (high speed, high precision)
  • Low overall cost – Included software & drivers


FuelCellsEtc is one of the few companies that are able to provide 100% customizability (size, shape, etc) without minimum order requirements.  They are capable of producing unusual or irregular shapes and can also manufacture products utilizing customer supplied materials, as required.


SOURCE: FuelCellsEtc

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