FuelCellsEtc – Spin-out or Sale response

There has been some question about whether FuelCellsEtc was a “Spin-out” or an “Acquisition”.  I confess, this is largely due to my own inconsistencies in terminology.

 So here’s the skinny:  FuelCellsEtc licensed (exclusively) all of the technology, process, etc of the Commercial Fuel Cell Components Division (CFCC) at Lynntech.  We also brought over most of the people in the group as well as virtually all of the equipment, materials, etc.  We still operate under the same procedures that helped the division become one of the first groups to achieve ISO9001:2008 certification as a part of Lynntech.

So, I guess technically this would probably classify more as an acquisition or simply a license agreement than a spin-out.  But the result is that if you want to buy any of the products you used to purchase from the CFCC division, you just have to change your contact information to mea@fuelcellsetc.com

We certainly continue to have a very close relationship with Lynntech (we’re located only a few miles down the road), but being an independent entity gives us more flexibility in our customer relations and allows us to quote even more advanced customization of the products we offer.


In any case, we are working hard and staying very busy to further improve our lead time, lower prices on some standard products, and launch new products to help our friends in the Fuel Cell and Electrolyzer communities.


  1. Thomas Landry says

    I’m an Expat living in the Netherlands and considering dropping my corporate roles for creating a startup company that provides green solutions for both the residential and small business sectors here in Europe. The hope is to establish a “Get Off the Grid” type business and decentralize the energy business to a more independent and self-sustaining product like Green hydrogen using fuel cells and solar energy (in some cases natural gas) to fully power. As part of our business plan development I’m reaching out to businesses like yours to establish options going forward.

    If you could provide any information it would be greatly appreciated.

    Tom Landry
    Master Black Belt

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