Can I Purify Hydrogen from my HHO with a Metal Hydride?

We occasionally get questions from people wanting to know if they can use a Metal Hydride (MH) to purify the Hydrogen from an HHO generator, so I thought I would post our response here:




Putting HHO into a metal hydride container should not be done.  Aside from the fact that it would be extremely unsafe to put HHO gas in a chamber with a cataylst (e.g. MH) since it will cause it to burn/explode, both Oxygen and humidity do irreparable damage to the MH.  Do not use a MH to purify HHO.
HHO requires very special care when handling.  It is, by it's very production technique, in perfect stoiciometric balance for combustion and simply needs an ignition source or catalyst to initiate the reaction – and Metal Hydrides are a catalyst for this reaction.
Most other methods of producing H2 are much safer.  One methode is using PEM Electrolyzers (or almost any other method) – these are far safer because the Nafion membrane separates the H2 from the O2 and neither are ever together (unless there is a leak somewhere in the system).  Electrolyzer MEAs are also more efficient than HHO, but are also quite a bit more expensive and can be a little more complex than simple metal plates in a jar.
Metal Hydrides can be used to purify Hydrogen in some cases, but it depends on the specific MH and the particular contaminates in the gas stream.  In general, Moisture, Oxygen and Carbon Monoxide (CO) are among the contaminates that are detrimental to the Metal Hydride.
If you have any questions, please contact us. If you would like to look to know more about Hydrides or Electrolyzer MEAs come visit our store!

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