Gas Diffusion Electrodes

From silver to zinc, FuelCellsEtc has the know-how to use more than 100 different catalysts or nanopowders for the production of numerous Gas Diffusion Electrodes (GDEs).  If you have a need for a particular GDE, FuelCellsEtc can create that custom GDE to your exact specifications. We excel in the production of GDEs with unsupported or supported catalyst materials. Depending on your requested size, material, catalyst and metal loading, we will be happy to create precisely what your research needs.

What are gas diffusion electrodes?

Gas diffusion electrodes (GDEs) are specialized components used in fuel cell systems. They consist of a catalyst layer, a porous gas diffusion layer, and a substrate. GDEs facilitate the electrochemical reactions within a fuel cell by allowing reactant gases (such as hydrogen and oxygen) to diffuse through the porous structure, ensuring efficient contact with the catalyst. This enables the conversion of chemical energy into electrical energy, making GDEs crucial for enhancing fuel cell performance and enabling sustainable power generation. Fuel Cell Etc specializes in providing custom-designed GDEs tailored to meet specific fuel cell requirements, offering superior efficiency and power output.

How Gas Diffusion Electrodes Work

GDEs for electrochemical devices are composed of a gas diffusion layer, typically carbon paper or carbon cloth, loaded with catalyst to allow the electrochemical reaction to happen. Platinum and a Platinum/Ruthenium combination are the most commonly used catalyst in PEM fuel cell applications. Unsupported catalysts yield electrodes with high catalyst loadings and significantly improved electrochemical performance. Carbon supported catalysts, on the other hand, allow for lower loadings to be applied, to reduce the cost, while still providing good performance. Gas Diffusion Electrodes generally have a micro-porous layer (MPL) to help keep the catalyst on top of the GDL without migrating into the interior of the GDL. This ensures the catalyst will have direct contact with the membrane, providing more reaction sites for the electrochemical process and reducing flooding during fuel cell operation.

FuelCellsEtc has proven ink formulations of 100+ catalyst materials, and over time, have developed catalyst inks that are unique for each material to obtain the best performance. For any custom gas diffusion electrode inquiries, our team will walk you through the essential steps to make your commercial development or experiments a success within your budget. We are here to assist you as your gas diffusion electrode manufacturer.

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