Fuel Cell Testing Hardware

Fuel cells consist of an MEA, multiple flow fields and endplates. Similar to batteries, multiple cells can be added together to increase the power. Multiple cells are called a fuel cell stack. The power output of a fuel cell stack depends on two factors: the number of cells in the stack and the active area of each cell’s MEA. More cells within a stack increases the voltage output, while a larger active area increases the current capabilities of the cell. A single cell within a fuel cell can generate 1V to 0.5V, creating a wide range when multiple cells are added together.

FuelCellsEtc hardware uses a simple, proven design that’s been commercially available for many years. Numerous universities and large corporations have used the hardware for development and proofing new catalysts, membranes and GDL materials, and identification of optimal optional parameters or determining the limitations of the tested components. For more information contact us as your fuel cell stack manufacturers.

For more information about our fuel cell test hardware or for custom inquiries please contact us at sales@fuelcellsetc.com.

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