Helpful Tools

Below you can find all of Fuel Cells Etc’s helpful tools for membrane electrode assemblies, fuel cells, Electrolyzers and more to make things a lot simpler when figuring out what you need for your fuel cell application.  We will be constantly updating and adding new tools/calculators throughout the year so be sure to come back and visit.


  • Hydrogen Air Calculator

    • Thanks to our handy FC Design Sheet, you can take an IV curve of any MEA, choose an active area, operating point (current density) and desired power output and it will tell you how many MEAs you will need and the voltage and current of the fuel cell operating at that point.  If you want to skip to the excel sheet, here it is, otherwise I will  show you how this sheet works and why it’s useful.  For more information read How many cells do I need in my Fuel Cell? (Simple Fuel Cell Design Guide).


  • Electrolyzer Design Helper

    • There are a lot of design considerations that go into an electrolyzer that will dictate what pressure they can operate at, their efficiency, safety, etc.   Today I will let you worry about all the mechanical design and talk a bit about the principles behind the electrolyzer and what this means to you (the designer).  Everything below applies primarily to PEM water electrolysis, but much of it may apply to other electrolyzer types as well.  If you want to skip the explanation, you can go straight to the handy spreadsheet.  For more information read How Much Hydrogen (or Oxygen) Will my Electrolyzer Make?


  • Custom Membrane Electrode Assembly Calculator

    • Pricing and ordering your custom Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA) has never been so easy.  With just a few clicks of the mouse you can now make your own custom MEA in a matter of seconds and see the price instantly update with every change you make!  Just simply go to our Custom MEA Calculator on our Webstore, choose your GDE, Membrane, and Dimensions, and you can instantly see prices updated in real-time! You than just add it to your cart and head to the checkout. It’s really just that easy.  Plus most MEAs will ship in less than a week! Looking for a 3-Layer MEA, 7-Layer MEA, or custom catalyst loading for your MEA?  Contact us for a custom Membrane Electrode Assembly and tell us what you need and we will get back to you in less than 24 hours.