Gas Diffusion Layer (GDL) Comparison Chart


Located below is a very helpful Gas Diffusion Layer (GDL) Table listing the properties of over 20 different types of GDL in an easy to read format.  This table will enable you to save countless hours of gathering piles of gas diffusion layer property sheets and shuffling them around on your desk to compare them!

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Download the gas diffusion layer comparison table located below here.

Gas Diffusion Layer (GDL)TypeThickness (um)Density (g/cm³)Basic Weight (g/m²)Air Permeability (s)Through Plane Resistance (mΩcm²)Tensile Strength (N/cm)Flexural Modulus (MPa)Porosity PTFE TreatedMPL
Plain Carbon ClothCloth3561.5132--19.257.5-NoNo
GDL-CTCloth410-180< 8< 13>10 MD & >5 XMD--YesYes
ELAT HydrophilicCloth4060.3461302.156.34 @ 400 lb load--80NoNo
ELAT LT 1400 WCloth4540.81700.104 L/(m²*s*Pa).17 @ 400lb load--0.63YesYes
ELAT 2400 WCloth 4900.825010---0.31Yes2
Sigracet 10 AAPaper390-8585 cm³/(cm²*s)< 6---NoNo
Sigracet 10 BAPaper400-8585 cm³/(cm²*s)< 12 --0.88YesNo
Sigracet 10 BBPaper420-1253 cm³/(cm²*s)< 15--0.84YesYes
Sigracet 10 BCPaper420-1351.45 cm³/(cm²*s)< 16--0.82YesYes
Sigracet 24 AAPaper190-51-----NoNo
Sigracet 24 BAPaper190-5460 cm³/(cm²*s)< 10--0.84YesNo
Sigracet 24 BCPaper235-1000.6 cm³/(cm²*s)< 12--0.76YesYes
Sigracet 25 AAPaper190-38-----NoNo
Sigracet 25 BAPaper190-40210 cm³/(cm²*s)< 10--0.88Yes No
Sigracet 25 BCPaper235-861 cm³/(cm²*s)< 12--0.8YesYes
Sigracet 34 AAPaper280-82-----NoNo
Sigracet 34 BAPaper280-8645 cm³/(cm²*s)< 11--0.83YesNo
Sigracet 34 BCPaper315-1400.35 cm³/(cm²*s)< 14--0.75YesYes
Sigracet 35 AAPaper300-51-----NoNo
Sigracet 35 BAPaper325-1101.5 cm³/(cm²*s)< 15--0.8YesNo
Sigracet 35 BCPaper325-1101.5 cm³/(cm²*s)< 15--0.8YesYes
AvCarb EP40Paper2000.2364.58---NoNo
AvCarb P50Paper1700.3150356.7---NoNo
AvCarb P75Paper2450.2975157.8---NoNo
AvCarb GDS1120 P50Paper1840.479-< 14.5---YesYes
AvCarb GDS3215 EP40Paper2000.360-< 14---YesYes
AvCarb GDS3250 EP40Paper2250.3375-< 14---YesYes
AvCarb GDS3260 EP40Paper2100.3880-< 14---YesYes
AvCarb GDS2120 P75Paper2480.4101-< 14---YesYes
AvCarb GDS2230 P75Paper2750.498-< 14---YesYes
AvCarb GDS2240 P75Paper2750.4110-< 14---YesYes
AvCarb GDS22100 P75Paper3300.53185-< 17---YesYes
AvCarb MGL190Paper1900.44-2.2-65450.78NoNo
AvCarb MGL 280Paper2800.44-3.3-85450.78NoNo
AvCarb MGL 370Paper3700.46-4.4-120450.78NoNo
Freudenberg H1410 I4 C9Paper180-11540716--YesYes
Freudenberg H2315 I6Paper210-115160 l/m²*s716--YesNo
Freudenberg I2 C6Paper250-13570814--YesYes
Freudenberg H2315 C2Paper255-135701016--NoYes
Freudenberg H2315 C4Paper255-13550812--NoYes
Freudenberg H2415 C5Paper270-13040914--NoYes
Freudenberg I2 C3Paper290-15035922--YesYes
Freudenberg I2 C8Paper230-13590814--YesYes
Spectracarb 2050A - 0550Paper1270.58835184.2 MD & 2.6 XMD37-NoNo
Spectracarb 2050A-0850Paper2030.58835 cfm/ft²184.2 MD & 2.6 XMD37-NoNo
Spectracarb 2050A - 1050Paper2540.58835184.2 MD & 2.6 XMD37-NoNo
Spectracarb 2050A - 1535Paper3810.351753515-40-NoNo
Spectracarb 2050A-1550Paper3810.517535 cfm/ft²15-400.78NoNo
Toray Paper 030Paper1100.4--80 mΩcm-400.8NoNo
Toray Paper 060Paper1900.44--80 mΩcm50400.78NoNo
Toray Paper 090Paper2800.44--80 mΩcm70400.78NoNo
Toray Paper 120Paper3700.45--80 mΩcm90400.78NoNo

Download the gas diffusion layer comparison table located above here.

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