Iridium Based Catalysts

What are they?

Iridium and iridium alloy catalysts are catalysts that incorporate iridium (Ir) metal as the active component. They are typically used as anodic catalysts within PEM electrolyzers. These catalysts utilize iridium’s unique properties to accelerate chemical reactions and facilitate Oxygen Evolution Reactions (OER) within a PEM electrolyzer.

How Do They Work in Electrolyzers?

Iridium, Iridium Oxide, and Iridium Alloy catalysts provide a tertiary junction, between the catalyst, ionomer and electrical pathway (gas diffusion layer) for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction within a PEM Electrolyzer.

Iridium Based Catalyst

Benefits of Iridium Catalysts​

Iridium-based catalysts often exhibit exceptional catalytic properties, such as high activity, selectivity, and resistance to harsh reaction conditions. However, it’s important to note that iridium is a precious and expensive metal, which can limit its widespread use in certain applications. This is why iridium is often alloyed with ruthenium to create Iridium Ruthenium Oxide catalysts. FuelCellsETC’s proprietary blend of iridium and ruthenium creates a powerful catalyst that is ideal for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction (OER). Since carbon is not a conducive support material because it is consumed on the anode of electrolyzer applications, ruthenium often takes its place as a support structure.

Iridium Fuel Cell Catalyst

Custom binary and tertiary iridium-based catalysts may be available upon request.

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