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Missed a copy of the FuelCellsEtc Newsletter? On the Newsletter Archive page you can find all of the editions we’ve published previously. Click on the title of the issue you’d like to read and trace FuelCellsEtc’s development from the early days onward.

2014 Newsletters

2013 Newsletters

  • March – Gas Diffusion Layer Table
    • They are pedaling exercise bicycles to power lights in the nearby town of  Santa Rita do Sapucai, Brazil.
  • February – Fuel Cell Material Kits
    • He climbed on top of and attempted to ride a Galapagos giant tortoise. He recalled that it was difficult to keep his balance [source].
  • January – FuelCellsEtc’s 2013 Mission
    • ​A chicken walked out, to the delight of the crowd. Gallienus then told the herald to proclaim: “He practiced deceit and then had it practiced on him.” The emperor let the jeweler go home. [source]


2012 Newsletters

  • October – How About a Free Lunch?
    • Kiribati – The low-lying Pacific nation of Kiribati is negotiating to buy land in Fiji so it can relocate islanders under threat from rising sea levels [Source].
  • August – FuelCellsEtc’s August News
    • It took fungi 50 million yrs to evolve a way to decompose it. Until then, wood just piled up, never to decay. It is this single fact that led to the Carboniferous period