Process Development Engineer

Title: Process Development Engineer

Department: Research and Development

Location: College Station, Texas, USA – Headquarters


Job Objective: As one of the leading companies providing highly customized electrodes for PEM Fuel Cells and other electrochemical systems, FuelCellsEtc is seeking a Process Engineer with experience in multiple coating techniques.  Our clients often have diverse technical and quantity requirements that necessitate an intelligent and skilled selection of the appropriate manufacturing technique for each application to maximize quality, cost and delivery schedules.



  • Develop processes for thin film coatings of fuel cell electrodes
  • Work in chemistry lab in development and characterization of catalyst ink slurries; work with ultrasonic mixing, high shear mixing, rheology, density, solid content measurements
  • Plan and carry out ink mixing and coating experiments
  • Develop characterization methods of catalyst inks, coated substrates and fuel cells
  • Coordinate in-situ fuel cell testing and collect, document, analyze and maintain fuel cell test data using spreadsheets and statistical software
  • Develop economic and effective manufacturing procedures with scale-up of from lab to manufacturing
  • Coordination of projects with external suppliers and partners.
  • Defining new process chains as well as optimization of existing processes in terms of quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • Development of new manufacturing processes of catalyst ink slurries for PEM fuel cells
  • Coating, hot-pressing and assembly of PEM fuel cells
  • Operate PEMFC test benches and perform electro-chemical characterization of PEM fuel cells
  • Development of standard testing procedures for electrodes


Practical Skills:

  • Coating techniques (slot die, gravure, meyer bar, ultrasonic spray coating, doctor blade)
  • Manufacturing and characterization of chemical slurries (inks)
  • Mixing technologies
  • Rheometry
  • Assembly and testing of fuel cells
  • Work with test benches


Job Qualifications:

  • At least 3 to 5 year(s) of experience.
  • Advanced knowledge of fuel cells, electrolysis, batteries, solar, and other renewable energies.
  • Expert in Microsoft Office.
  • Experienced in Programming


Salary: Depending on Experience & Qualifications


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