About Our Products

FuelCellsEtc, the worldwide leading fuel cells manufacturer of custom Membrane Electrode Assemblies  (MEAs) and other commercial fuel cell and electrolyzer products such as Catalyst Coated Membranes (CCMs), and catalyst coated gas diffusion layers (also known as Gas Diffusion Electrodes or GDEs). We specialize in creating Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell components, hardware and testing equipment with unmatched quality.  Our top fuel cell products include MEAs, CCMs, GDEs, hardware for single cell and stack testing, and other electrochemical testing materials. In addition to Hydrogen-Air Fuel Cell components, we produce components for Direct Methanol Fuel Cells (DMFCs), high-performance Hydrogen-Oxygen fuel cells, high performance and long lifetime PEM electrolyzer CCMs and MEAs, high temperature PEM fuel cells, alkaline electrodes, and a variety of other electrochemical devices. Have an idea for a custom fuel cell or electrolyzer component? Our team is ready to help you today!
fuel cell hardware
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