FuelCellsEtc is here to help you through every step of your electrochemical R&D process. From membrane and catalyst selection all the way through to testing, our top technical team is happy to create whatever you need in order to complete your design with no minimum order quantity. We make MEAs for just about any PEM use imaginable, including: Electrolyzers, Hydrogen/Air and Hydrogen/Oxygen Fuel Cells, Direct Methanol Fuel Cells and Reversible Fuel Cells/Electrolyzers and numerous other applications. Contact us to get started!

Some of our custom Membrane Electrode Assemblies and Gas Diffusion Electrodes include:

  • Non-standard membrane/dispersion combinations
  • Specialized metal loadings
  • Custom size and die-cut membranes
  • Specialty post-coating
  • Custom gasketing
  • Atypical catalysts and catalyst combinations

Our team can make Single-Sided Catalyst Coated Membranes, 3-Layer Catalyst Coated Membranes, 5-Layer Membrane Electrode Assemblies, catalyst coated Gas Diffusion Electrodes and 7-Layer Membrane Electrode Assemblies with your preferred gasket material. FuelCellsEtc specializes in making MEAs in any size, shape and quantity required.

Aside from our MEAs and GDEs, we offer a variety of other products that will round out your project needs. From vacuum table to testing hardware, testing fixtures to cell voltage monitoring, FuelCellsEtc has got all of the research and development products to bring your project to life. Contact us today for more information on your electrochemical research & development.

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